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We Popped Aron Malt's Porn Cherry!

Since we were the first to discover and film the legendary Aron Malt– We have him in lots and lots of smoking hot scenes!


Kurtis and Angel

In this video, two beautiful twinks that were dating decided to film for us at home. What they sent in was a super hot scene of an intimate full body massage that led to sucking, rimming, and fucking.


Aron Malt and Angel Blade!

God, nothing makes you feel clean like a dirty fuck in a hot shower.


Justin Tyne Hookah Wank

Narcissism? Exhibitionism? This was Justin’s first scene ever in porn. It was actually improvised. He came over wanting to shoot and as we smoked some melon tobacco hookah he just whipped out that gorgeous cock and started stroking it.


Tristan Hollister and Angel Blade Club Fuck!

Tristan Hollister and Angel Blade had the VIP lounge at the club all to themselves… well, almost all to themselves. In addition to them streaming it to our site live on webcam, we also filmed it. Find your friend Molly and watch with us!


Justin Tyne fucks Aron Malt!

Under most circumstances Justin appears like a 100% stereotypical straight guy. His body is fit and he has the standard macho italian voice, face, and attitude. There is no questioning his heterosexuality… that is until you see him fuck the twinks on our site.


Angel Blade dildo action!

Practice, practice, practice! Every emo twink needs practice before the big game day. This one hones his skills with a huge toy. If you like scene boys you are going to love Angel Blade. He does it all and it’s fair to say he definitely stretched before his workout later that day.


William Isaacs and Tyler Gage!

William Isaacs and internet emo heart-throb Tyler “Torture” Gage and fun in bed sucking, jerking, and making out climaxing with… well… and a huge climax.


Aron Malt Threesome!

Now this scene is hot! Gorgeous emo twink gets rimmed, sucked, and fucked by a real life couple. The boyfriends both finish all over the third’s face.


Straight Marine has Sex with Two Guys!

Oh hell yes! We caught an actual straight guy! This hot skater boy fresh out of the marines agrees to experiment with guy. Best yet, he let us film the three-way. He gets pretty mean and insulting but it’s one amazing fuck so the guys don’t mind.


William Isaacs Rimmed by Damien!

William Isaacs gets his first rim job in this scene. He can hardly contain his laughter from the tickling feeling but he soons regains composure and gets off.


Tristan Hollister and Angel Blade Halloween video!

It was Halloween and we invited all the models. These two decided they wanted to film together while still in costume.


Ashton Fox solo video!

This amazingly cute straight twink is Ashton. He came and shot a solo scene to afford his straight relationship. The second time we got him back in the studio, we convinced him to shoot with another guy.


Benji Elliot and Hunter Tyler blowjob!

Benji Elliot is a rising star among the major twink sites. We were lucky enough to get him into the studio again. This time he’s fucking the face of Hunter Tyler. Watch as Hunter savors every last drop of Benji’s cum.


Aron Malt and Tristan Hollister video!

Clash of the Porn Titans! Aron Malt, our resident power bottom, is charged with the happy duty of riding Tristain Hollister’s sweet brown cock.


Belgian twink!

Another great video from a beautiful twink in Belgium. I love hearing that accent as he introduces himself and moans.


Tristan Hollister Home Tape!

This is a hot home-made video from one of our most popular models. Watch him jerk and edge until both you and he are good and ready to explode.


Trace Van de Kamp!

We love cum! We’re certain you do too and that’s why almost every single update you get from us will have the money shot we all long to hear, see, and share with these gorgeous guys!


Erik Tribold Blows Boyfriend Trace Van de Kamp!

Hot 18 year old Erik Tribold got a new winter complete with eyes, ears, and a nose. Trace filmed this POV blowjob and commented that it looked as if he were getting sucked off by a wolf.


Real Life Boyfriends!

These real life boyfriends needed some cash and came to film for us. One of them returns weeks later to film again after his BOYF is arrested for theft. Which one of these guys cheats on his incarcerated lover? Naughty, naughty.


Point of View Sex!

Immerse yourself in the action with real Point of View sex from real boyfriends holding the camera as they blow their loads in their lovers tight holes!


Trace Van de Kamp and William Isaacs!

Trace was bored and horny so he turned on the cam and interrupted William’s TV shows to get a quick fuck ultimately leading to a hot blowjob and facial.


Tristan Hollister Gives Head!

Tristan Hollister has amazing dick sucking lips and this blowjob video is evidence that the stereotype holds true. Watch Trace cum down his beautiful throat.


Angel Blade Jerks of on his Feet!

We have many feet videos on BoyFeast. In this one, Angel plays with his cute little feet while jerking off ultimately coating those adorable toes with his precious twink juice.


Joey Solo!

Meet fit, young, Joey. He came down and shot a solo scene for us and looked great doing it!


Erik Reese Sex Video!

Erik Reese rides again! This hot young guy loves taking cock in his mouth and ass and he never fails to impress. This boy is not acting! He loves to fuck and it shows.


Cameron Sparks Jerks Off!

This is the first video ever shot of our exclusive new sweet sensation Cameron Sparks. This fit 19 year old has larger cumshots than any guy we have ever worked with!


Painting Dakota White

Beautiful young Dakota White, who has become a regular here at BoyFeast, was blindfolded and painted by Trace. Guess where they found some white for their palette.


Adam Frost Blowjob!

Adam Frost is amazingly adorable and warned Trace that no one ever gets to cum in his mouth. See his reaction when Trace does it anyway.


Trace Van de Kamp!

Meet Trace Van de Kamp. Founder of BoyFeast and the star of many scenes here. He is your typical boy next door… but the difference here is you can watch him fuck without binoculars!


Show Threesome with Tyler Torture!

William, Tyler, and Damian all had great fun in the shower together but the next day it was time for some ass-pounding just for Damian. This has got to be one of the hottest scenes we’ve had the pleasure of presenting you guys.


Erik Reese Blows Trace Van de Kamp!

Erik Reese delivers one of his astounding and toe curling bj’s. Watch the cum roll out of his mouth and down his sweet chin.


Trace Van de Kamp and William Isaacs Sex Tape!

This was our first POV scene with the new HD camera. Love how cum looks dripping from hot mouths in high definition.


Game Night!

It was another installment of game night! This time models had to pull out wooden blocks from a tower but in addition to preventing its collapse, they also had to perform the act written on each piece!


William Isaacs Toe Sucker!

William sucks toes and cock in this amazing video. After he gets the guy off, he rubs the cum all over his toes and sucks it off then takes to pleasuring his own beautiful cock.


Angel Blade Jerks It!

Seduction, intrigue, and fresh linen make a hell of a combination and Angel certainly kept us captivated the whole time he jerked his nice brown cock.


Benji Elliot and Kendoll Mace Sex

Benji Elliot rims, sucks, and fucks Kendoll Mace in this hot and sweaty sex scene. Benji’s raw cock slides in and out of his new favorite hole!


Cal Kennedy

Meet Cal Kennedy! He’s pretty hung, and his ass is so incredibly tight. He has an interesting jack off style, rubbing his cock head under his ribs, but it does the trick and has his fat dick pumping a hot load out over his body!


Aron Malt Blows Trace Van de Kamp

Finally– after years of working together Trace and Aron finally cum together when Aron shows off his amazing oral skills on Trace’s cock.


All The Action!

Whether its fast hard fucking with legs spread and feet in the air or slow sensual love making you will find it all inside! Sign up now to share these guys experiences!

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