Blake Mast

Beautiful young Blake Mast has taken up residency here at BoyFeast Studios and we definitely make him sing for his supper.

Riley Summers

Hot twink sensation Riley Summers is here
to stay and here to play at BoyFeast!

Dakota White

Gorgeous 18 year old twink super star
Dakota White has filmed a number of
exclusive scenes with us.

Trey Jacobs

We're the very first to film beautiful, 18 year old, Trey Jacobs!

Jake Diamante

Beautiful and exotic Jake Diamante graces
our site in many exclusive solo and
hardcore scenes!

Erik Tribold

Erik's dick is absolutely massive!

Ashton Fox

We are the only site out there with
videos of this amazing twink!

Blake Mast

Blake Mast, 18

Riley Summers

Riley Summers, 18

Dakota White

Dakota White, 18

Ethan Black

Ethan Black, 18

Trey Jacobs

Trey Jacobs, 18

Cooper Steel

Cooper Steel, 20

Jacobey London

Jacobey London, 21

Justin Knowles

Justin Knowles, 20

Jake Diamante

Jake Diamante, 20

Chris Segewick

Chris Segewick, 18

Cole Duchovny

Cole Duchovny, 19

JR Adams

JR Adams, 18

Erik Tribold

Erik Tribold, 18

Kendoll Mace

Kendoll Mace, 19

Seth Leon

Seth Leon, 22

Ashton Fox

Ashton Fox, 18

Tristan Hollister

Tristan Hollister, 21

Chad Frost

Chad Frost, 18

Justin Tyne

Justin Tyne, 19

Hunter Tyler

Hunter Tyler, 21

Tyler Torture

Tyler Gage, 19

Aron Malt

Aron Malt, 21

Lucas Sky

Lucas Sky, 23

Adam Frost

Adam Frost, 19

Benji Elliot

Benji Elliot, 19

Reliance Kilbourn

Reliance Kilbourn, 19

Jared Cummings

Jared Cummings, 20

Erik Reese

Erik Reese, 19

Cameron Sparks

Cameron Sparks, 19

Angel Blade

Angel Blade, 21

William Isaacs

William Isaacs, 21


Nelson, 21

Trace Van de Kamp

Trace Van de Kamp, 24

Jacob Tyler

Jacob Tyler, 19

Dustin Knox

Dustin Knox, 18

Chase Masters

Chase Masters, 19


Damien, 18


Austin, 21


James, 20

Cal Kennedy

Cal Kennedy, 18